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Goal of NWIM

Better Quality Education for Greater Competitive Advantage

Heading into the 21st century, an era of knowledge-based economy, consolidated knowledge and innovations are fundamental and crucial for a business to maintain its competitiveness on the market and achieve constant growth.  By investing in and developing manpower, individual businesses, the whole society and country can progress continuously toward perfection.  Businesses must take on different education and learning methods to fit their different organizational structures and constantly enrich, sharpen, and modify their operations.  Through continuous modifications and reforms, a business gains its vigorousness and fulfills sustainable management. How to construct a high-performance organizational learning program to meet the different needs of each organization is a profound topic of concern for contemporary businesses.  We have noticed that many entrepreneurs are pursuing world-top management knowledge, expanding their inter-personal network, and entering the international stage.  Other professional managers are also working in full efforts to lead their teams in the pursuit for corporate profits and culture.  Each team is constantly pursuing and exploring to integrate and utilize internal and external professional resources and knowledge, accomplishing the great vision that everyone dreams of. In recent years, it has become no surprise for businesses to spend more than US$1 million per year on the systematic integration of internal corporate knowledge and collective learning in order for high-ranking executives to effectively lead their teams toward organized strategic resource management.  Therefore, exclusive and internal EMBA Programs are recommended for corporate teams to enhance their consciousness of co-existence, further executive academic status, and gain in-depth management-related professional knowledge.  Different companies in different countries have different requirements.  As such, the way of instruction, location, and timeframe should be carefully thought out and planned. New World Education Group has been in the educational industry for over 20 years, whose unchanged goal is to provide perfect and top-quality education.  The most updated Business Administration Programs are being made available, taught by well-renowned professors from the Asia Pacific and the USA.  The establishment of the Academic Committee provides the mechanism for creation of educational miracles.  Our latest corporate-specific EMBA Program is our commitment to life-long learning education, which I believe will add to far-reaching corporate values. In the future New World Education Group will continue to fulfill its mission in consolidating high education and expanding its educational horizon in order to contribute to overall growth and development of the country.



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